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Ken MooreKen Moore comes from a long tradition of ranchers and cowboys. His great-grandparents settled in the spectacular Blue River country of Arizona, and much of his family still ranch there. He was born and raised in Arizona and has been involved with ranching most of his life. Ken and his wife, Coleen, live and work on the Diamond A Ranch in Animas, NM. Ken has been writing Cowboy/Western songs and stories for over 35 years. With the help of his wife, who also helps Ken write the songs he performs, Ken came out with an album "Bringin' the Wild One's In", in the summer of 1998.The album, with all original songs, has been nominated by the Academy of Western Artists for Album of the Year for 1999. It went on to be nominated by the Southwest Historical Society and the Cowboy Hall of Fame for "Arizona and New Mexico Historical Preservation and Content".

Ken MooreKen and his (and Coleen's) songs have been nominated by the Academy of Western Artists and the Western Music Association for Songwriter of the Year, Song of the Year, and Rising Star. Along with his group "Roughstring", their newer album "Cowboy's Life", has also been nominated for several of the same awards.



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