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Bringin' The Wild Ones InThis album was put together a few years ago. It includes several musicians and friends well known in the Western Music and the Country Western Music world accompanying Ken. It is all original cowboy songs that Ken and his wife, Coleen, wrote. Being a cowboy for a living and both of them growing up on ranch's in Arizona, they both have had many stories to make into songs. It was nominated for "Album of the Year" by the "Western Music Association" and the "Academy of Western Artists". It was also recognized and nominated to be inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame by the National Historical Society for "Arizona/Southwest Western and Cowboy Heritage, History and Culture".

1 Cowbells Of The West
2 Bringin' The Wild Ones In
3 Boquillas Wagon
4 Tears and Thunder
5 Busted Flat Broke
6 Ridin' Circles
7 Treasured Moment
8 Jingle In The Horses
9 Lass Of The San Joaquin
10 Spring Winds
11 Grandpa's Schoolin'
12 San Tan Dio
13 Ol' Cap
14 Girl In Blue
15 In The Land Of The Free
16 Roughstring Rider

Ken Moore: Bringin


Roughstring "COWBOY'S LIFE"

Cowboy's LifeThe newest of our albums has just been released, "Cowboys Life". It features our group "ROUGHSTRING". It is original western and cowboy songs and classic old time cowboy songs. It features our lead guitar player, Skelly Boyd, and our fiddle player, Jess Barry, in a couple of instrumental tunes. Roughstring has long been a favorite at many gatherings and this album has become one of our best sellers. It is available in CD.

Ken Moore: Cowboy


Ken Moore & Jon Messenger "JINGLE IN THE HORSES"

A good many years ago, Ken and a long time friend and partner, Jon Messenger (retired President for the Western Music Assoc.) had a group known as "RIMFIRE". This Duo brought a new and refreshing sound and style to an already booming genre. Though still staying in the traditional boundaries, RIMFIRE was able to book many shows throughout the country because of their "sound". It is an album of original and old time cowboy songs. It is available only in Tape. CD soon to be released.

  Ridin Circles    


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